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Ray's Intro


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Ray Comfort of the creationist organization ‘Way of the Master’ wrote a 50 page intro to Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

The pdf of the entire book, with Ray's 50 page introduction, can be found here.

Unsurprisingly, only 21 of the 50 pages pertains to the validity of the evolutionary model; the other 29 are extraneous. Since genetics and molecular biology are my areas of interest, I decided to respond to the 13 of the pages that pertain to those areas (as well as some anatomy in the portion on vestiges). 

UPDATE (10-19-09): WOTM has radically changed the 50 page intro and will no longer be omitting chapters 9 and 11-13.


My Response

The DNA Code (p.9-11)

DNA Similarities (p.11-13) 

The Evolutionary Process (p.20-21)

Evolution's Difficult Questions (p.26-30)

Vestigial Organs-Leftovers Again? (p.30-31) 


The old pdf (as of 9-22-09, when I accessed it from the Living Waters site) can be found here.